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Ex Dioscorides: Root used for ruptures, convulsions and as a diuretic.
Ober, R. (ed.) (1996) The National Herb Garden Guide Book. The Herb Society of America

Named for spiny leaves. Dioscorides recommended the roots applied for inflammation and spasms, and -when drunk- to promote urine, check diarrhoea, and for phthysis, ruptures and convulsions.

Other use

The leaves are the model for those at the top of Corinthian columns. Tetraglycosides isolated from the plant show cytotoxicity in sea urchin eggs and crown gall tumour on potato disks.

Geographical distribution

  • Africa, Northern Africa, Algeria
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Turkey
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Albania
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Greece
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Italy

Acanthus spinosus L.

Genus: Acanthus
Species: spinosus L.
Common names: Spiny Bear's Breech
Distribution summary: Mediterranean
Habit: Perennial
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Europe & Middle East (J)
Flowering months: June, July
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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