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'It was also called 'Wise Apple' because it flowers late and escapes spring frost damage.' Since the variety was first described in 1613, an abundance of other common names have been recorded, including: Belgischer Kurzstiel, Belin, Belle de Senart, Capendu, Carpendola reale, Corianda Rose, Coriander Rose, Coriandra Rose, Coriandre Rose, Cortipendola regale, Cour Pendu Plat, Cour-Pendu Extra, Cour-Pendu Musque, Cour-Pendu Rond Gros, Cour-Pendu Rouge Musque, Courpandu Vermeil, Courpendu, Courpendu Musque, Courpendu Plat, Courpendu Reinette, Courpendu Rosat, Courpendu Rose, Courpendu Rouge, Courpendu Rouge Musque, Courpendu Vermeil, Court Pendu, Court Pendu Extra, Court Pendu Musque, Court Pendu Musquee, Court Pendu Plat Rougeatre, Court Pendu Reinette, Court Pendu Rond Gros, Court Pendu Rond Tres Gros, Court Pendu Rosat, de Spitzemberg, Der Rothe Kurzstiel, Garnon's, Garnon's Apple, Garnon's Pippin, Gourte Queue, Gros Capendu rouge, Pomme de Belin, Pomme de Berlin, Pomme de Garnon, Pomme de Spitzemberg, Princess Noble Zoete, Princesse Noble Zoete, Prudente, Reinette Plate d'Hiver, Reinette Rose, Reinette van Goslinga, Rother Kurzstiel, Royal Court-Pendu, Russian, Russian Apple, Spitzemberg, The Courtpendu Apple, Turtit cu coata scurta, Tyvestrup, Veuve Leroy, Wise Apple, Wize, Wollaton Pippin
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Other use

Malus domestica Baumg. Rosaceae. 'Court Pendu Plat' Distribution: Central Asia, arising from the wild Malus sieversii. This cultivar dates from around 1600 and is a sweet eating apple introduced from France.. 'Cox's Orange Pippin' is a variety of Malus domestica. Apples are not mentioned in Fuchs (1542), or Culpeper (1650). Lyte (1576) says they cause indigestion, but are cooling so may be used in fevers ('hot agues') and the leaves can be applied to hot swellings. Parkinson (1640) writes that 'the sweet apples, as the Pippin and Pearmain, helpe to dissolve Melancholy humours, to procure mirth and expel heaviness'.
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Malus domestica 'Court Pendu Plat'

Genus: Malus
Species: domestica
Cultivar: 'Court Pendu Plat'
Common names: Apple 'Court Pendu Plat'
Pharmacopoeia Londinensis name: Poma, Pippins vel permains, poma dulcis
Habit: Tree
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Pharmacopoeia Londinensis 1618 'Fruit' (HSE 4B)
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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