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Culpeper: ‘Laureola. Laurel. The leaves purge upwards and downwards. They are good for rheumatic persons to chew in their mouth, for they draw forth much water. Notes: It is widely used in herbal medicine, and also in cooking with other herbs. No poisonous compounds reported from it.
Culpeper, Nicholas. (1650). A Physical Directory . London, Peter Cole.

Laurus nobilis f. angustifolia (Nees) Markgr.

Genus: Laurus
Species: nobilis L.
Form: angustifolia (Nees) Markgr.
Common names: Willow-leaved Laurel
Pharmacopoeia Londinensis name: Laurus
Distribution summary: Mediterranean
Habit: Tree
Hardiness: H4 - Hardy; average winter
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Pharmacopoeia Londinensis 1618 'Leaves' (HSE 5), Albany St Yard (YARD)
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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