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Used historically, see Culpeper....'yet of them, prepared by the art of the alchymist, may be made an excellent remedy for the stoppage of the urine.'
Culpeper, Nicholas. (1650). A Physical Directory . London, Peter Cole.


Family changed from Alliaceae to Amaryllidaceae 13/11/2023

Other use

Allium schoenoprasum L. Alliaceae. Chives. Bulbour perennial herb. 'schoenoprasm' means 'rush leek' in Greek, referring to thenarrow leaves. Distribution: Asia, Europe and North America. Leaves used as a garnish on cooked food and in salads. However like the Boraginaceae it contains the pyrollozidine alkaloid cynoglossine which causes liver damage.
Oakeley, Dr. Henry F. (2013). Wellcome Library notes. link

Geographical distribution

  • Asia-Temperate, Caucasus
  • Asia-Temperate, China
  • Asia-Temperate, Eastern Asia, Japan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Kazakhstan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Asia-Temperate, Mongolia
  • Asia-Temperate, Russian Far East
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iran
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iraq
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Turkey
  • Asia-Tropical, Indian Subcontinent, Pakistan
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, Northwest European Russia
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Austria
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Germany
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Netherlands
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Poland
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Switzerland
  • Europe, Northern Europe, Denmark
  • Europe, Northern Europe, Finland
  • Europe, Northern Europe, Great Britain
  • Europe, Northern Europe, Norway
  • Europe, Northern Europe, Sweden
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Greece
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Italy
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Romania
  • Europe, Southwestern Europe, France
  • Europe, Southwestern Europe, Portugal
  • Europe, Southwestern Europe, Spain
  • Northern America, Eastern Canada
  • Northern America, North-Central U.S.A.
  • Northern America, Northeastern U.S.A.
  • Northern America, Northwestern U.S.A.
  • Northern America, Southeastern U.S.A.
  • Northern America, Subarctic America
  • Northern America, Western Canada

Allium schoenoprasum L.

Genus: Allium
Species: schoenoprasum L.
Common names: Chives
Distribution summary: North temperate
Habit: Perennial
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Habitat: Damp, humus-rich soil in partial shade, on rocky hillsides, stream sides & clearings d
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Europe & Mediterranean (E)
Flowering months: May, June
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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