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South Africa and N. Coastal districts of E. Cape., to S. Natal, subtropical and temperate regions. Full sun or shade. Tolerates light frost.

Endangered species on CITES Appendix I


Seed is poisonous if ingested. Consumption of the seeds can lead to liver cancer,

Toxic due to presence of azoxyglycosides, such as macrozamin and cycasin. Carcinogenic and teratogenic on ingestion .
Professor Anthony Dayan, 2022

Geographical distribution

  • Africa, Southern Africa, Cape Provinces
  • Africa, Southern Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

Encephalartos altensteinii Lehm.

Genus: Encephalartos
Species: altensteinii Lehm.
Common names: Prickly Cycad
Distribution summary: Temperate South Africa
Habit: Cycad
Hardiness: H3 - Half hardy; unheated greenhouse/mild winter
Habitat: Rocky slopes
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Plants in pots (POT)
Reason for growing: Toxic

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