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Used to be known as Chondropetalum tectorum until DNA testing showed Chondropetalum was Elegia.

Other use

Once used as a thatching reed.
Brown, N, Jamieson, H, Botha, P. (2004). Grow Restios, National Biodiversity Institute P.23

Geographical distribution

  • Africa

Elegia tectorum (L.f.) Moline & H.P.Linder

Genus: Elegia
Species: tectorum (L.f.) Moline & H.P.Linder
Common names: Cape Thatching Reed
Distribution summary: South Africa
Habit: Perennial
Habitat: Marshes and deep sand
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Southern Hemisphere Wolfson bed (N)
Reason for growing: Other use

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