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These notes refer to the species of this plant. C. salviifolius is traditionally used as a tea substitute, ointment, or as a cicatrizing or astringent agent. The antibacterial activity of C. salviifolius is not only related to its essential oils or terpenes (Gertsch, 2011; Güvenç et al., 2005; Morales-Soto et al., 2015) but also to its polyphenolic compounds.,C.,also%20to%20its%20polyphenolic%20compounds.

Cistus salviifolius L. 'Goldstar'

Genus: Cistus
Species: salviifolius L.
Cultivar: 'Goldstar'
Distribution summary: S.Europe
Habit: Shrub
Garden status: Not currently grown
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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