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Named for Francisco (or Francesco) Calzolari(1521-1600) whose book 'Viaggio di Monte Baldo' (1566) was a flora of the mountain Mt Baldo which dominates Lake Garda. He had a pharmacy shop called the Golden Bell. His son Angelo died in a climbing accident/fall on the mountain."Among the earliest of the innumerable books which may be classed as local floras"
Arber A. (1990) Herbals, Their Origins and Evolution, A chapter in the History of Botany 1470 - 1670. Cambridge University Press. 3rd ed. p.100

Geographical distribution

  • Southern America, Southern South America, Argentina Northeast
  • Southern America, Southern South America, Chile South

Calceolaria biflora Lam.

Genus: Calceolaria
Species: biflora Lam.
Common names: Lady's Purse; Slipperwort
Distribution summary: Chile, Argentina
Garden status: Not currently grown

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