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"Calamintha is of three kinds, ... the third kind is called in latin Nepeta, in english Nepe, in Dutch Katzenkraute, in frenche herbe Auchat. Calamynt is hote and dry in the third degree" It would seem that the name cat mint, may derive from the French 'au chat' (=to the cat) but 'cat mint' is now used for Nepeta cataria. This is the same as Calamintha nepeta.
Turner, William. (1965). The Names of Herbs (1538), Ray Society p.164

Geographical distribution

  • Africa, Northern Africa
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia
  • Europe

Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi subsp. nepeta

Genus: Calamintha
Species: nepeta (L.) Savi
SubSpecies: nepeta
Common names: Lesser Calamint
Pharmacopoeia Londinensis name: Calamentha
Distribution summary: N Africa, W Asia & Europe
Habit: Perennial
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Garden status: Not currently grown
Flowering months: July, August

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