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In traditional herbal medicine the roots are astringent and are cooked and used in the treatment of diarrhoea. (Larkcom J. Oriental Vegetables John Murray 1991) The leaf juice is used in Nepal to treat catarrh. A paste of the root is applied to swellings and is also used as a rubefacient [Manandhar. N. P. Plants and People of Nepal Timber Press. Oregon],

Other use

The leaves and stem tips are eaten raw or cooked. The mucilaginous qualities of the plant make it an excellent thickening agent in soups, stews etc where it can be used as a substitute for okra, Abelmoschatus esculentus[Larkcom J. Oriental Vegetables John Murray 1991].,

Basella alba L.

Genus: Basella
Species: alba L.
Common names: Malabar spinach, Indian spinach.
Distribution summary: Tropical Asia
Habit: Climber
Hardiness: H1c - Heated greenhouse; warm temperate
Habitat: Moist places in hedges to elevations of about 50Om
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: seed waiting to be sown or germinating in greenhouse or frame (seed)
Flowering months: May, June, July, August
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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