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Beschorneria was named in honour of Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Beschorner 1806-73, a German amateur botanist.
Gledhill, T. (2008). The Names of Plants. Cambridge University Press.

The Owińska Psychiatric Hospital (in West Central Poland, neaer Poznan) was built and opened in 1838 as a Greater Psychiatric Hospital. Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Beschorner was the first head director of the hospital. By 1871 the facility had 120 patients and by 1878 that grew to 204 people that needed treatment. When 1939 came there were over 1,000 patients. With the onset of the Second World War, Nazis arrived at the hospital in Owińska and took many of the patients into the wooded forest and shot and killed them. The victims were buried in 28 mass graves. Others were taken to concentration camps and killed by being put into gas chambers. After World War II it was used as an educational center. A very sad and unforgiving past, it has been fully abandoned since 1994.


Family name change - previously AGAVACEAE (16/04/2020)

Geographical distribution

  • Northern America, Mexico

Beschorneria yuccoides 'Quicksilver'

Genus: Beschorneria
Species: yuccoides
Cultivar: 'Quicksilver'
Common names: Mexico lily
Distribution summary: Mexico
Habit: Perennial
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Southern Hemisphere (K), Southern Hemisphere Wolfson bed (N)
Flowering months: June, July, August
Reason for growing: Commemorative

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