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Bergenia Moench. Saxifraginaceae. Elephant's ears. Named for Karl August von Bergen (1704-1759), physician and botanist, professor at Viadrina University, Frankfurt. 'Bressingham Ruby' is a cultivar raised at Blooms of Bressingham by Alan and Adrian Bloom. Rhizomatous perennial. Distribution: Afghanistan to China.
Oakeley, Dr. Henry F. (2013). Wellcome Library notes. link

Bergenia 'Bressingham Ruby'

Genus: Bergenia
Cultivar: 'Bressingham Ruby'
Common names: Elephant-eared Saxifrage
Distribution summary: Garden origin
Habit: Perennial
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Plants of the World (D)
Flowering months: April, May
Reason for growing: Commemorative

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