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Previously grown as Nopalea cochenillifera
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Other use

This is the host to the cochineal scale insect, Dactylopius coccus. The insect produces the scarlet dye carminic acid, which has a chemical structuyre similar to alizarin - see Rubia tinctorum. The carboxylic acid group in carminic acid makes it bond well with protein fibres, although aluminium slats can be used as a mordant to give better colour fastness.
Sequin, M. (2012). The Chemistry of Plants. Perfumes Pigments and Poisons. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK. p.173

Geographical distribution

  • Northern America, Mexico

Opuntia cochenillifera (L.) Mill.

Genus: Opuntia
Species: cochenillifera (L.) Mill.
Common names: Cochineal Plant
Distribution summary: Mexico
Habit: Succulent
Hardiness: H2 - Tender; cool or frost-free greenhouse
Habitat: Sunny, dry, rocky hills
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Plants in pots (POT)
Flowering months: July, August
Reason for growing: Other use

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