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Whilst used mainly as a food, oat grain does also have medicinal properties. In particular oats are a nutritious food that gently restores vigour after debilitating illnesses, helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood and also increases stamina. The seed is a mealy nutritive herb that is antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, emollient, nervine and stimulant. The seed contains the antitumor compound b-sitosterol and has been used as a folk remedy for tumours.
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Geographical distribution

  • Europe, Northern Europe

Avena sativa L.

Genus: Avena
Species: sativa L.
Common names: Oats; Common oats
Distribution summary: Northern Europe
Habit: Annual
Hardiness: H4 - Hardy; average winter
Habitat: Roadsides, wasteland & cultivated land
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Mulberry Tree bed (H), Plane tree bed (P)
Flowering months: June, July
Reason for growing: Medicinal, other use

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