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Seed received as Glycine max 'Hokkaido Black'. Name not recognised by the RHS.

Family name change from Papilionaceae


Soy bean oil may be toxic if ingested in large amounts
Professor Anthony Dayan, 2022

Glycine max (L.) Merr. 'Hokkaido Black'

Genus: Glycine
Species: max (L.) Merr.
Cultivar: 'Hokkaido Black'
Common names: Edamame; Edible soya bean
Distribution summary: E. Asia
Habit: Annual
Hardiness: H3 - Half hardy; unheated greenhouse/mild winter
Habitat: Lowland, open woodland, grassland, scrub and verges
Garden status: Not currently grown
Flowering months: July, August, September
Reason for growing: Medicinal, other use

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