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Grows to 8 metres.


None known


A monotypic genus, 'native frangipani' but no relation to true frangipani which are plants in the genus Plumeria


Contains flavonoids and phenolic acids, which have antibacterial action in vitro. see 'Phytochemical investigation of ethyl acetate extract of Hymenosporum flavum (Pittosporaceae) and its antimicrobial activity'  in International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products 9(3):31-35 · July 2016

Geographical distribution

  • Australasia, Australia, New South Wales
  • Australasia, Australia, Queensland

Hymenosporum flavum (Hook.) F. Muell.

Genus: Hymenosporum
Species: flavum (Hook.) F. Muell.
Common names: Australian frangipani
Distribution summary: Australia
Habit: Tree
Hardiness: H3 - Half hardy; unheated greenhouse/mild winter
Habitat: lowland to mountain forests
Garden status: Not currently grown
Flowering months: June, July
Reason for growing: Other use

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