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Grapes and raisins may cause acute renal failure in some dogs. Reason unknown.
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Geographical distribution

  • Africa, Northern Africa, Algeria
  • Africa, Northern Africa, Morocco
  • Africa, Northern Africa, Tunisia
  • Asia-Temperate, Caucasus, North Caucasus
  • Asia-Temperate, Caucasus, Transcaucasus
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Turkmenistan
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iran
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iraq
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Israel
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Lebanon-Syria
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Turkey
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Austria
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Germany
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Hungary
  • Europe, Middle Europe, Switzerland
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Albania
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Czech Republic
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Greece
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Italy
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Romania
  • Europe, Southeastern Europe, Yugoslavia
  • Europe, Southwestern Europe, France

Vitis vinifera L.

Genus: Vitis
Species: vinifera L.
Common names: Grape
Pharmacopoeia Londinensis name: Agresta, Vuae Passae, Uvarum acinus, Vitium Lachrymae
Distribution summary: Africa, Europe, temperate Asia
Habit: Shrub
Habitat: Thickets and open forest
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Europe & Middle East (J)
Flowering months: May, June, July
Reason for growing: Medicinal, other use

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