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In traditional medicine the species of this plant(feverfew) was taken for fevers and pain, particularly for arthritis and migraines, but also for stomach aches and toothache.
Simmonds, M, Howes, M, Irving, J. (2016). The Gardener's Companion to Medicinal Plants. Frances Lincoln Ltd. p.192

Other use

An insecticide can be made from the flower and an essential oil is used in perfumery
Plants for a Future (2017) at link


Not to be used during preganancy
Plants for a Future (2017) at link

Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Sch. Bip. 'Aureum'

Genus: Tanacetum
Species: parthenium (L.) Sch. Bip.
Cultivar: 'Aureum'
Common names: Feverfew 'Aureum'
Habit: Perennial
Hardiness: H4 - Hardy; average winter
Habitat: Garden origin
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Europe & Middle East (J)
Flowering months: July, August
Reason for growing: Medicinal, other use

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