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Grow in full sun and prune regularly to prevent becoming top heavy (advice from RHS 14/09/09).


The species listed in the first Pharmacopoeia Londinensis is T. gallica.


syn. Tamarix gallica.

Geographical distribution

  • Asia-Temperate, Caucasus
  • Asia-Temperate, China
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Kazakhstan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Tadzhikistan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Turkmenistan
  • Asia-Temperate, Middle Asia, Uzbekistan
  • Asia-Temperate, Mongolia
  • Asia-Temperate, Russian Far East
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Afghanistan
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iran
  • Asia-Temperate, Western Asia, Iraq
  • Asia-Tropical, Indian Subcontinent, Pakistan
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, East European Russia
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, North European Russia
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, Northwest European Russia
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, Ukraine

Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb.

Genus: Tamarix
Species: ramosissima Ledeb.
Common names: Tamarisk; Saltcedar
Distribution summary: S.E.Europe, Asia
Habit: Shrub
Hardiness: H5 - Hardy; cold winter
Garden status: Not currently grown
Flowering months: August
Reason for growing: Other use

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