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Culpeper: ‘See Bugle. So shall I not need to write the same thing twice, the vertues being the same.’ Under Bugle he writes: ‘Bugula. Bugle or middle Comfrey ... excellent for falls or inward bruises, for it dissolves congealed blood, profitable for inward wounds, helps the rickets and other stoppings of the Liver, outwardly it is of wonderful force in curing wounds and ulcers, though festered, as also gangrenes and fistulas, it helps broken bones and dislocations. To conclude, let my countrymen esteem it as a Jewel...’ Notes: Bugle is Ajuga reptans which has the same creeping habit, but is in another genus.
Culpeper, Nicholas. (1653). The London Dispensatory. London


Self Heal, Carpenter’s Herb, Sicklewort, Consolida minor
Oakeley, Dr. H. F. . (2013). The Gardens of the Pharmacopoeia Londinensis. link

Geographical distribution

  • Africa, Northern Africa
  • Asia-Temperate
  • Asia-Tropical, Indian Subcontinent, India
  • Asia-Tropical, Indian Subcontinent, Nepal
  • Asia-Tropical, Indian Subcontinent, Pakistan
  • Europe
  • Northern America

Prunella vulgaris L.

Genus: Prunella
Species: vulgaris L.
Common names: Selfheal
Pharmacopoeia Londinensis name: Consolida minor/Prunella
Distribution summary: Europe
Habit: Perennial
Garden status: Currently grown
Garden location: Pharmacopoeia Londinensis 1618 'Leaves' (HSE 6), Pharmacopoeia Londinensis 1618 'Flowers' (HSE 1)
Reason for growing: Medicinal

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